ISIS SNL; What’s The Fuss

As a Muslim, I don’t understand the controversy.  I’ve always been at a miss to understand the seemingly comical interpretations of Islam by groups like ISIS to begin with.  In a time when the fanatical stand out and display their ugly psychopathic behavior to the world, it is important to point out how comical it really is!

I found the skit very funny!  After watching the video, I found the connection to the Toyota commercial…  just classic.

I get that the group has committed such great atrocities as mass murder, kidnapping, rape, forced marriages, etc.   However, this skit isn’t intended to address the real serious issues of ISIS or even to defeat ISIS.  Making a comical mockery of a group that stands out so starkly from the norm, even by Islamic standards, not only lightens the soul but to some degree helps display their cause as foolish.

Is it poking fun at Islam?  No.  It is poking fun at a foolish criminal cult of people claiming to be acting in the name of Islam.  What better way to counter ISIS propaganda?