British Multiculturalism

I’m not a fan of David Cameron, especially his beliefs of the failure of multiculturalism in Britain which enables the hatred of right wing nationalist extremists for anyone not white and “British” enough.  In the spotlight among such groups,  and the focus of his speech at the time, are Muslim communities that have since been the target of violent protests and hate crimes.  In my view, either he is in league with them or was incredibly short sighted and irresponsible when he made those comments.
However, I agree with him on something!  Here are some of his comments.
“I think my message to everyone is that we are all in this struggle against radicalisation together.  We can’t entirely say it’s a matter for the police or the border force, everyone has to be involved in spotting signs of radicalisation and combating those signs.  It is a really big issue for our whole country to get to grips with and work out how we put a stop to it.” ~BBC
Certainly, this flies in the face of the idea that multiculturalism is a failure in Britain.  In fact, if we are to tackle these issues as a “national community” in any country then the solution must include everyone and also include the belief that multiculturalism is and can be a success in Britain.  Carrying on the belief that it is a failure in Britain is divisive and not promising of success.
I have not seen a more “multicultural” society than in countries like Britain and it has created economically and culturally rich societies contrasted to the old, timeless and sometimes stagnant rural areas.  It’s time for Britain and it’s leaders to recognize what has made their societies a success.  Multiculturalism has not been a failure, quite the contrary.  For it to continue to be a success we need to embrace all communities that make up our societies, realize that Muslims are an important part of them, and include Muslims as partners in the solution to radicalism.
If, as Cameron said years ago, cultural groups have been encouraged by the state to live “separate” lives from the English, it is a failure of government and not the failure of multiculturalism.
Yes, everyone has to be involved, but no one more than every individual in the Muslim community.  It is better for political leaders to offer inclusive support for Muslims, not take it away by playing into the hands of extremists (Muslim and Nationalist) and undermining the efforts of Muslims trying to help protect Britain from an extremist threat from within.